Electronic Prescribing of Controlled substances requires using a token for the 2 factor authentication. This can either be a app on your phone, or you can choose to order a Key Fob token. The cost for this is $55 and you would see it on your next Cerbo invoice. 

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In Cerbo, navigate to Admin -> EPCS Administration -> Setup and Tools -> EPCS Token (if you don't see the EPCS Token option, then you need to follow the steps in eRx Registration and Setup) and select Purchase a KeyFob:


This will take you to the Key Fob Purchase screen. To proceed, click "Purchase Token Now".


You will now see a screen with another Purchase button. Clicking on this Purchase button will open a separate window where you can enter your payment information.

Here you can pay for your key fob using either a credit card or bank account. Under the Payment Information, please make sure to enter your Client ID # in the Invoice/Reference # field.

Once you have paid you can return and click on Done- Go Back to EPCS Setup. Once we receive payment, we will mail you the hardware token.