If your practice serves a large population of pediatric patients, here are some tips and specialized help articles that support your unique needs.

Patient Portal and Pediatric Patients:

Each patient regardless of their age will have their own patient portal account set up to log into their patient chart.  Parents are able to log into this and multiple of their children's account using their email address as long as each account has a unique USERNAME. See the attached link for more information: parent setting up multiple accounts

Pediatric Growth Charts:

For your pediatric patients CDC based growth charts will generate when you enter vitals for height, weight, and head circumference.  You can add head circumference to your vitals using this help article on how to add custom vitals:  ADD VITALS TO PATIENT CHARTS

Percentiles will only show up for pediatric patients up to:

  • 240 months old for height/weight
  • 36 months old for head circumference

Please reach out to support@cer.bo if your practice would like to have a custom added vital be update to become viewable by patients on the patient portal under the My Vitals Tab

Stock Pediatric Forms & Questionnaires 

Cerbo has a large library of stock forms and questionnaires to upload to your Questionnaires Tab.  Here is a link to explore our stock form library including an array of pediatric intake forms and screening questionnaires.

Bright Futures Charting Templates

For practices that have bought the Bright Futures license, we offer charting templates, forms, and handouts for infants through age 18.  Please email your Implementation Manager or support@cer.bo and attach a copy of your receipt showing purchase of the bright futures license and we will upload this feature to your build.