This article focuses on how to  manage custom vitals and lab values.

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You can customize what you see in the Vitals block on the patient dashboard and even add completely custom fields under Admin > Manage > Vitals.

The basic vitals shown on patients' charts by default include: 

  • Blood Pressure (Systolic/ Diastolic/Pulse)
  • Height
  • Weight.
  • BMI is automatically calculated from the most
    recently-entered height and weight readings.

Any values that are entered (rather than automatically calculated, like BMI) are graphed so that you can more easily view the trend over time. If you have the corresponding tab active on the Patient Portal, the patient can view their own vitals readings and view the graphs. More on managing a patient's vitals readings.

If there are other things that you would like to track in the vitals block (such as PulseOx, Temp, Waist Circumference, MSQ, and more), you can add these!

Make a Vital Show on the Patient's Vitals Block

Going to Admin > Manage > Vitals will show all of the available lab values that you can edit to make them appear in the Vitals block on patient's charts. To add a lab value in that list to the vitals shown in patients' Vitals blocks:

  1. Browse or use the search bar at the top to find the vital that you want
  2. Click on the Vital Name to open it for editing
  3. Toggle Show Vital on Chart to Yes
  4. Click + Add this Vital to save your changes

When you next navigate to a patient's chart, you should see the new vital listed in their Vitals block. Note that you may need to clear your cache to view the change.

Add a New Entry to the Master Lab Values/ Vitals List

If the entry that you want is not already available in your list, add it by clicking + Add New Vital at the top. Fill out the requested information for the item you are adding, and click + Add this Vital to add it to your list.

Once it is added to your list, you can edit it to make it shown on patients' Vitals blocks by:

  • Clicking on the Vital Name to open it for editing
  • Toggling Show Vital on Chart to Yes
  • Clicking + Add this Vital to save your changes