ERx setup for prescribers now includes a photo ID and photo/ face recognition step. Prescribers who are having trouble at this step can read on below for tips on how to complete this successfully.

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The photo ID and photo/ face recognition verification step can be challenging in some cases. If you're running into issues or seeing the message that the verification is unsuccessful, you can try again by returning to Cerbo to re-start the ID verification and re-enter the photo/ face verification link. 

For best success with the photo ID picture, please make sure to minimize any glare/ reflection on the ID.

Some tips for your next attempt for photo/ face recognition to succeed:

  • Make sure that you are in a well lit area. Sometimes natural light works best.
  • If you wear glasses, remove them as they can cause a glare.
  • When prompted to smile, make a big, exaggerated smile.
  • Hold the phone further away from your face.
  • The app will take the images on its own, so you will only need to hold the phone steady.
  • If this fails, you can also try using another phone (if possible). No pictures are stored on the device so they are able to use any smartphone.
During you next attempt, please click on "I have completed this step" button on the MDToolbox screens (even if it results in a failed message). This will send our verification partner the results so they can manually review and see what the issue may be.

If you continue to have trouble after several attempts, please reach out to support@cer.bo with the prescriber's name and NPI number so that we can escalate the photo/ face verification with our eRx partner.