Cerbo can manage multiple office locations (or departments) from within one EMR account using our multi-location configuration options. Toggleable locations can differentiate work schedules, inventories, financials, and contact information. 

If you would like to add a location to your account, please send an email to support@cer.bo that includes:


There is no cost for adding secondary (or more) locations. Further functionality not listed in this article will be assessed on a case by case basis and may incur additional custom development charges.

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The multi-location configuration will allow users to select which location they would like to work in on the login screen. Once logged in, users can easily toggle between locations by hovering over their initials at the top right of the screen and selecting the desired location.

Inventory Stock and Dispensing: 

Inventory can be managed per location. When the multi-location configuration is enabled, the “add item” window in the      inventory manager will include a dropdown to designate a specific item location.

Additionally, the inventory manager can be filtered to view inventory from one specific location, or both.

When prescribing inventory items, users will only have the ability to dispense items that have been assigned to the location they are currently logged into. 

Scheduling and Calendar: 

When the multi-location configuration is enabled, work schedules must be assigned to a specific location. This will differentiate availability based on location on the patient portal.

The location when scheduling an appointment in the EHR will default to the location the user is logged in to, but it can also be manually changed; this selection will determine what contact information is included in the confirmation and reminder emails. 

Charges and Financial Reporting: 

Charges added to a patient's chart are assigned to a location. The location that the adding user is logged in to will be the default. 

Additionally, all common Financial reports (End-of-day, Income, Allocation, Revenue per patient, charges-added check) can be filtered based on location.

Contact Information: 

Clinic contact information (ie. address, phone number, fax number) can be changed on outgoing faxes and forms using the location toggles. The contact information will default to that of the location the user is logged into when the fax or form is generated. The location/contact information can be changed by toggling into another location.

Troubleshooting Common Issues 

Items that are NOT changed, managed or manipulated based on location:

User Profiles: User profiles are not assigned to a particular location. All users can see and access any information that their permissions level allows, regardless of location.

Patient Charts: Patient charts are not assignable based on location. We recommend using tags to differentiate between different patient sets for reporting. These tags can also be used for custom permissions profiles to limit user access.

Calendar Views: You can set your calendar view to show all calendars with appointments scheduled at a location for that day. 

Patient Portal Styling: The patient portal can only be styled to match one website. All patients will use the same portal URL to log in.

Branding: Logos on Outgoing emails, faxes and other documents will not differentiate based on location. 

Other Use Cases

Clinics that employ independent contractors may use the multi-location configuration to differentiate billing information (ie. TIN or billing address) from the main clinic. 

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