If you are buying a new computer or tablet for your office, you will want to know if it will work well for running Cerbo. This article outlines the minimum requirements and other considerations that you may want to keep in mind.


Cerbo is a cloud-based software system. So the most important factors affecting Cerbo speed and performance are:

  1. Internet speed/ connectivity. The speed of your internet connection is important to Cerbo speed/ performance. Minimum requirements are 10mbps download speed, and 2mbps upload speed. You can run a speed test online (there are many, like this one) to find out what your download and upload speeds are. 
  2. The overall performance of background (non-Cerbo-related) applications. This is important because if your system is operating at or near its maximum capabilities (for example, nearly maxing out your CPU, Memory, or Disc), that will bog everything down, including Cerbo.

Minimum Requirements

Cerbo works fine on Windows and Mac operating systems, and on laptops, tablets and desktop computers. Minimum requirements:

  • Internet connection speed*: 10mbps download, and 2mbps upload recommended. For mobile/ wireless connections, 4G connections are generally excellent. 3G connections can be sufficient if they are connecting on a cell network (on a phone or tethering through a cellular device). Please note that some internet providers advertise "up to X speed", so your true performance may actually be slower than the advertised speed. 
  • RAM: 4+GB
  • Chip: Intel or AMD
  • Hard Drive: 100+GB (solid state drive/ SSD strongly recommended for Windows machines, in particular, )


  • Browser: Chrome or Firefox. Safari should also work fine. Explorer/ Edge are not supported.
  • Tablet vs. Computer: as the primary device for accessing your Cerbo EHR, a computer (laptop or desktop) is recommended over a tablet. This is primarily due to the convenience and ease of use of having an attached keyboard and typical right click and hover over functionality.


I keep getting logged out of Cerbo, and see a warning about being logged in from a different IP address!

One of the security checks in Cerbo checks to see what IP address is being used when you log in. If your internet service provider is changing your IP address, that can cause you to be logged out and see this warning message. If the issue is happening while on your home or office network, it may be worth requesting a static IP address with your Internet Service Provider. 

More often, this happens when users are travelling. As airport and hotel networks often use dynamic IP addresses. Please reach out to support@cer.bo if you are travelling and need us to temporarily turn off the IP address security check. 

Everything is running slowly, and the cause appears to be that Cerbo is using too much RAM.

It is unlikely that Cerbo would cause any RAM issues. If you have a large number of browser tabs open, regardless of the website(s), it is likely that the web browser will eat a lot of RAM. Try completely closing down and restarting the web browser. 

But, even if your computer is under relatively light load, it can use a lot of RAM. That is because the computer will often use excess RAM to cache certain things. You can launch the computer's task manager to see what applications are using CPU, RAM, and Disk. Statistically, the disk is often the culprit. It's generally the slowest part of the computer. And if you're installing updates in the background, or if it's performing indexing routines, your disk usage can spike to 100% and start locking everything up.