At some point, many practices change their operating name or update their branding. This has a number of implications for your Cerbo build, but getting things updated on your EHR is generally pretty easy.

To change any of the following properties, please send a support ticket with the updates to

  1. Practice Name
  2. Practice Address
  3. Practice phone/fax number
  4. Practice URL
  5. Practice contact email address
  6. Practice logo (please send a high-resolution JPG, PNG, AI, or SVG copy)

There is no cost associated with these changes. 

If you've updated the design of your practice's website and you'd like us to redesign the patient portal design to match the new design, we just need to get access to the new design. Ideally we'd have access to the live site rather than image-design files, as we try to match exact pixel values and font-face selections. However, re-designing the patient portal (more than just swapping out the logo) there generally will be a charge for the development time associated with the redesign. This cost usually runs $200-$300, and will be quoted before we proceed with any redesign efforts. You can also opt to simply revert to the "generic" portal design with your new logo at no cost.