Its often helpful to know how your patients found your clinic so you can see where you're getting the most referrals from or what marketing campaign is working.

The easiest way to track this information is to use tags.  Create a set of tags under the category of "Referral" (or similar) with your most common referral sources ("Facebook", "Internet Search", "Other Patient", etc). You'll likely also want to create a tag under that category called "Other" for less common referral sources (you'll be able to add a note to clarify when using that tag).

Then, when you hear from a patient about how they heard about you, you can just tag them with the appropriate tag. This will store the data in a discrete way that allows it to be used in searches and reports.

However, you don't necessarily need to manually add these tags when patients sign up. If you'd like us to add these tags as selectable options to your patient registration form, just send a ticket to support requesting that we add a set of checkboxes to that registration form and we should be able to set it up so that patients are able to provide this information on sign-up.