Even if you don't have the Active Campaign integration, sending out mass emails to your patients through your preferred bulk-email client is easy. All you'll need from Cerbo is the of emails. To get that list:

1) Go to Admin > Advanced Pt Search and click on that (no need to click on a submenu option)

2) In the window that appears, you may want to filter by Patient Status in the topmost Patient Demographic/ Status section to get a list of only Active status patients, or only Active and Prospective status patients. Or limit by any other filters as desired.

Or, to get a list of ALL patient emails, do not change any filters, and just click on the button located at the bottom of the page "Generate This Report".

3) In the report that appears, click on "Output List of Emails" at the upper right to generate a comma-separated list of those patients' email addresses:

4) From this list of emails, highlight and copy the list and paste onto your preferred mass-emailing program (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Active Campaign, e.g.) We STRONGLY recommend that you do NOT use a regular email program (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) for mass emailing. This can get your email account blacklisted as a spam account, and tends to have lower deliverability than mass emailing programs for mass emails.

If you do use a regular email program (which again is NOT recommended), be sure to put the list of emails in the BCC field to protect patient privacy.

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