This article explains how to review and download submitted patient forms, and how to print blank patient forms. 

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Submitted Patient Forms
If the form has been submitted from the patient portal:
  1. Open the form from the patient's chart 
  2. Click the little folder-icon towards the top to pop it out into it's own tab
  3. From the new tab (if a new tab doesn't open check to make sure your browser has not blocked a pop-up)
  4. Hit Ctrl+S to save the file to your computer.

Print Blank Form from Patient Portal

To print a blank copy, log into the patient portal (as a patient) 
  1. Open the form as if it is going to completed
  2. When it pops up, just select Print (from the browser menu or by pressing Ctrl+p) 
  3. In the Print Dialogue that pops up, make sure you're setting it to print as a PDF.
  4. Please note: the blank form on patient portal is not optimized for print - there may be some scaling you'll need to do on your end so that form prints correctly.