If you are registered to e-prescribe through surescripts - you can receive Refill requests directly from pharmacies within Cerbo. 

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The first step is to register to receive refill requests. Click on your initials in the top navigation menu and then select eRx Registration. Make sure that the Refills box is checked. 

NOTE: you may only be registered with SureScripts to receive refills in one "location". You will see an error message if you try to register to receive refills in this EMR but you have ever registered to receive refills in another system, and haven't specifically de-activated refills in that system. If you receive an error message that refers to eRx refills when you try to update your SureScripts profile, contact your previous EMR system to de-activate refills in that system, then return and check the box to receive them in this one. If you are unable to de-activate in your old system or do not know what system you are authorized to receive refills in, please reach out to support@cer.bo and we can submit a ticket directly to SureScripts (though this generally takes longer than going directly through your old system).

Refill Requests will come in through the Erx Request block, on your schedule page below the appointments block. It will show the Provider's name, and the name of the patient:

Once you click on the medication, you will see this window:

You can edit the number of refills approved, then Approve the refill, Replace/Modify it, or Deny it. 

Sometimes the eRx refill request is not matched to the medication in our database because the pharmacy is sending it under a different NDC number. In that case, You will see this warning in the above window:

You can use the Replace/Modify button to search your database to select the correct medication (it will probably have the same name - seem exactly the same).

If you'd like to be able to delegate the authority to approve refill requests to users other than the prescribing provider, the provider may do that: Delegate eRx authority

If you notice that the information under Provider Address is incorrect, contact support@cer.bo and we can check if Surescripts has your updated information. Once they do, the Pharmacy will have to update that information in their system as well.