Task lists are user-specific in Cerbo. You can, however, set up a Resource for a shared task list, that all applicable users will know to check (in addition to their own task lists). Note that the users will still only get alerted (in an orange circle on the task list) for new tasks on their personal task list, not those on the Resource shared task list.

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In general, each user's task and task list is separate and personal to that user. If you have several staff members who need to share one task list, you can do this by creating a Resource for that shared task list under Admin > Manage > Users. Your own user permissions must be set to allow User Management to be able to do this, so setting this up would be a task for someone with superadmin permissions.

Click on the Add New User button, and then on Add Resource. Give the resource a name - this should be the name of the shared task list. And select that it should have a task list. Note that a resource will always have a calendar - there is no option to disable the calendar for the shared task Resource.

Once the Resource is added, any users can check that task list as needed, and handle items off of that task list/ mark them as completed.

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