Generally speaking, you should never need to manually add a pharmacy to the system, as we have a master list of national pharmacies and mail-order pharmacies that is updated nightly. However, if a practice (or patient) manually creates a pharmacy record it will not have an NCPDP ID associated with it. Because ePrescribing requires an NCPDP ID to identify the receiving pharmacy, you won't be able to eRx to these pharmacies until you set an NCPDP ID for that manually added record. Associating the correct code with a manually created pharmacy should be pretty easy:

  1. Go to Admin > Manage > Pharmacy Listings under the main menu

  2. Find the pharmacy that is missing the NCPDP ID (they'll be flagged with an icon to help you identify them):

  3. Click on the pharmacy's name to open the profile editor. At the top of the pop-up window you should see a button that links to the mapping tool:

  4. Click that button to launch the mapping tool. It will open a screen in a new tab that lists all of your un-mapped pharmacies. It will attempt to automatically match as many as possible (you'll be prompted to "Accept Match" if the automatic match looks correct) and for anything that cannot be matched you'll see a search bar for trying to find the corresponding entry in the master database. TIP: Try searching by street address - it's often the fastest way to find what you're looking for.