Generally speaking, you should not need to manually add a pharmacy to the system. Your system includes the full, nationwide NCPDP database of pharmacies and mail-order pharmacies, and is updated nightly. If you are not finding a pharmacy when searching for it, try adding a + to your search. That tells the system to search the full, nationwide database, rather than just your preferred shortlist.

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If a user (or a patient) manually adds a pharmacy it will need to be mapped to its official NCPDP listing to be e-prescribable. To map a pharmacy to its NCPDP identifier:

1. Go to Admin > Manage > Pharmacy Listings under the main menu.

2. Find the pharmacy that is missing the NCPDP ID (they'll be flagged with an ! icon to help you identify them):

3. Click on the pharmacy's name to open it for editing. At the top of the pop-up window you should see a button/ link to open the mapping tool:

4. In the mapping tool, you will see all of your un-mapped pharmacies. The tool will attempt to automatically match if possible. You can click on the green Accept Match button where it appears to accept those auto-mappings.

For anything that cannot be auto-mapped, you'll see a search bar for trying to find the corresponding NCPDP listing. You can search using full or partial search terms for the pharmacy there. TIP: try searching by street address number and city or zip code.

Note about mail order pharmacies (e.g., Express Scripts)

The NCPDP listing that you are looking for may NOT have the same address as the one you are used to using for efaxed prescriptions. That is because the mail order pharmacy may have a different central location that they use for all eRxs. So if you are not able to find the specific mail order pharmacy by address, you might search just by pharmacy name and/ or find out from the pharmacy what location they use for their eRxs.