The "token" for controlled substances eRx (EPCS) is either (1) a VIP Access app on your phone, or (2) a hardware/ fob token. Each token has a unique identification code, and displays a temporary verification code that refreshes every 30 seconds. That temporary verification code is what you will provide, along with your EPCS password, to sign off on EPCS prescriptions. 

If you get a new phone, you need to follow the steps to set up the app on the new phone for EPCS in Cerbo. That is because 

the token's identification code (and the temporary verification code and refresh timing) is unique/ specific to the app as installed on the phone that was used to set up EPCS.

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A controlled substances eRx (EPCS) token - the VIP Access app on your phone, or a hardware fob - displays a verification code that refreshes every 30 seconds. That refreshing code is one of the "two factors" needed to confirm/ send an eRx for a controlled substance, the other being the EPCS password that you set up when setting up EPCS originally. Each token displays a different temporary verification code (and refreshes on its own 30-second schedule). 

If you get a new phone or a new fob, you must follow the steps to set that token up in Cerbo before you can use it to sign off on EPCS prescriptions. This is true even if the VIP Access app has automatically transferred over to the new phone!

To set up the VIP Access app on your token:

  • Go to Admin > EPCS Administration > Setup & Tools
  • Click EPCS Token (or EPCS Signup, if that is the option that you see).

If you know your EPCS password, enter that where indicated under ** Setup a New Phone (or Key Fob, or 2nd Token, as applicable). Then click Open Token Setup.

If you do not know your EPCS password, then you will need to use one of the options under ** I need to setup my new token, but I cannot remember by token password to either:

  • Reset your EPCS password using your old token
  • Or, if you do not have your old token, use identity verification (IDP) to set up the new token and a new password.


New Phone (or new Key Fob) that replaces the previous Token

Within Token Setup, first click on Deactivate this Token to deactivate your old token.

  • Enter your EPCS password in boxes 1 and 2. 
  • Enter the Credential ID from the VIP Access app on your new phone (or the credential ID from the back of your fob) in box 3. 
  • Enter the security code showing on your app in box 4
  • Click Register.

You will see a verification screen confirming the token has been registered and you may begin using it.  Click “Finish/Close”. 


Forgot Signing Password

If you cannot remember your EPCS signing password, you have two options to setup your new token.

1. If you still have your old token you can click on "I still have my old token - Reset password". You would then use your old phone/ old token to reset your password. Then follow the steps as above to set up the new token.


2. If you do not have your old token and do not know your password, you will need to go through ID Proofing again to set up and register your new token. Click on "I don't have my old token - Use IDP to setup Token and New Password". 

Fill out your personal information, including the number of the cell phone you will be using for EPCS, and click on “I Agree”.

**Note: Your personal information is required solely for identity proofing purposes in the Knowledge Based Authentication.  Experian will use this information to compare to nationwide databases (validating your name, birth date, SSN and current home address) and formulate questions, many of which you should be the only who can answer. Your personal information is not used for any other purpose


The next screen will require you to answer a set of questions based on your history and credit to confirm your identity.  You will only have 5 minutes to complete these questions.  When you have answered them, click on “Submit”.


Click on “I have it installed - Register My Token”.

That will then take you to the Token Registration screen. First, click on "Deactivate This Token" to deactivate your old token. Then, enter your EPCS password in boxes 1 and 2. Enter the Credential ID from the back of your key fob or from your software token app in box 3. Enter the security code showing on the front of your key fob or on your software token app in box 4 and click Register.

You will then see a verification screen confirming the new token has been registered.  Click “Finish/Close”. 


Purchase a New Key Fob Token

If you would like to purchase a new Key Fob Hardware Token to be mailed to you, click on "Purchase a New Key Fob Token".


This will take you to the Key Fob Purchase screen. To proceed, click "Purchase Token Now".


You will now see a screen with another Purchase button. Clicking on this Purchase button will open a separate window where you can enter your payment information.

Here you can pay for your token using either a credit card or bank account. Under the Payment Information, please make sure to enter your Practice # in the Invoice/Reference # field.



Once you have paid you can return and click on Done- Go Back to EPCS Setup. Once we receive payment, we will mail you the hardware token.


Once you receive your Key Fob Token in the mail, use the steps above under New Key Fob Token to register it in the system.

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