To reset your password for eRx of controlled substances (EPCS), go to:

  1. Admin > EPCS Administration
  2. Select EPCS Signup or EPCS Token in the Setup & Tools menu - depending on your current token status it will look like one of the screenshots below:



    3. Click Reset Signing Password under Setup 2-Factor Credentials to show one of the screens below:




    4. Enter a new EPCS Password.

Reminder: New password must have letters, numbers, and symbols.

    5. Because you already have a token registered, the Credential ID will be stored on this screen already. You will need to enter a security code from the VIP Access app or your key fob.

 When you have finished entering your

 new information click Register.


    6. You will then see the Finish screen indicating you can now send prescriptions for controlled substances using     your new password.