By default MD HQ users who do not have NPI numbers on file can enter medications on a patient's chart but they cannot e-prescribe them unless an authorized prescriber has delegating them permission to prescribe under their NPI (in most circumstances, non-prescribers can route prescriptions by eFax as long as the prescription was written by a valid prescriber). However, prescribing users are able to assign permissions to support-staff to be able to send and renew e-prescriptions.

To set this up, any provider with a valid NPI number and who has registered as an ePrescriber just needs to log into the EMR and hover over their initials in the top right and select the option for "Rx Delegation":

That will take them to a screen where they can designate which non-prescribing users may send eRxs under their name:

Once that is saved, the permitted users will be able to write, renew, and route drugs via the SureScripts network under any provider than has authorized them. When routing drugs the supporting user will be prompted to select which provider's authority they'll be prescribing under.

** Only the prescribing provider can send controlled substances in via ERX.

Prescribing Rights - Delegating eFax Rx Rights to Non-Prescribers

*** If provider wants to delegate prescribing authority to non-prescribing user, and they're NOT going through SureScripts (i.e. they're faxing in Rx's) Please contact and submit a request to Delegating eFax Rx Rights to Non-Prescribers. 

We will require written authorization from the prescriber listing all users that will be able to prescribe on their behalf from the prescribing provider's email

allow MA to prescribe under doctor allow nurse to prescribe under doctor