Prescriptions can be sent electronically from Cerbo via efax, or via the SureScripts e-prescription network. 

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Other reasons that you may not be able to send a medication via SureScripts:

  • You are not yet a registered e-prescriber (a user who has completed the identity proofing process and eRx registration) or you have not been delegated e-prescribing authority by a registered e-prescriber. 
  • You are trying to send to a pharmacy that is not formally linked to the eRx pharmacy database -Pharmacies must have a valid NCPDP number recorded in Cerbo to be eligible recipients of e-prescriptions. You can go to Admin > Manage > Pharmacy Listings to verify if a pharmacy has an NCPDP in Cerbo. If it does not, you should see a link to the "Pharmacy Mapping Tool" when you click on the pharmacy's name in the list.
  • One or more of the medications you are trying to send has been discontinued by the FDA. 
  • To eRx controlled substances, you must have a DEA number on file and complete EPCS signup.

In order for a medication in your database to be e-prescribable, it must be formally linked to an entry in the MedSpan database, meaning:

  • For practices that started with an older drug database (generally, any practices starting 1/2016 or before) medications that were prescribed before e-prescribing was an option in Cerbo are not e-prescribable unless/until you run the tool to map your medication shortlist over to the new drug database. Get in touch with us at support@cer.bo for the link to that tool.