In general, emailing patient information is not recommended, as email is not considered to be HIPAA-secure. However, you can email the patient, or send a document via email from a patient's chart.

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Note that email is not considered HIPAA-secure, and caution should be used when emailing via regular email.

Send Email to Patient

You can send a regular email to the patient from their chart by clicking on their email address in the Patient Information block. Chart parts work in the email body area, so you can use template messages there if desired. The email will come from the clinic name, but the email address will be do-not-reply@md-hq.com.. Replies will come to the clinic email address on file with Cerbo.

Send Documents to Patient Via Email

To email a patient's document to them (with a message), right click on the document title in the orange documents block and select Email Document.


The Email Document pop-up window that appears will show the patient's email address on file, but you can change that if needed. 

Add or edit the Subject and Body of the email, and click Email Document to send.

If you want to email an encounter note or encounter summary, you must first save that as a document. To do that, open the encounter note and go to Generate > Fax/ Print Encounter Note or Encounter Summary for Patient, as applicable. Save that to the patient's documents. Then you can email as described above.

But remember, this is sent via regular email and is not encrypted. Regular email is not considered HIPAA-secure, and you should use caution when emailing patient information.

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