Sometimes you accidentally archive a request without meaning to, or you need to go back and revise the way you handled a request. It's easy to un-archive these requests and push them back into the active queue. From the Patient Portal Queue page:

  1. Click on the history icon  in the top right hand corner of the Patient Portal Queue to bring up the list of handled portal queue items

  1. From the Recent Portal Activity window that pops up, simply find the request you'd like to un-archive and click the Status column (Completed/Rejected/etc):

    If you are looking for a less recent request, there are additional options to filter by patient and request type to make it easier to find:

  2. You'll be prompted to confirm that you want to mark the selected request as un-reviewed. Simply say yes at this prompt.
  3. Close the Patient Portal Queue history window and you should find the message/request back in the active portal queue.

Additional keywords: unarchive