You can markup faxable forms before sending in via integrated outgoing fax to remove or re-order pages or add text, a signature, or simple images.

You would NOT generally use this tool if you simply want to send a document out via efax, but only if you need to fax selected pages and/or add markup before faxing.

NOTE: The fax markup tool will degrade the quality of the fax on the receiving end. Please do not use this on documents that are already of poor quality (IE scanned documents that are already a difficult to read). 

The fax markup interface is accessible by opening a fax received via the EMR or any PDF document in a patient's file and clicking on the reply via fax icon above the document:

This opens the document inside the fax markup interface in a new tab or window. At the bottom is an orange bar with all of the pages in the original document. Click a page to add it to your new fax. Pages are added in the order that you click on them.

On each page, you can use the Page Controls that appear to the left to add a text box in one of three different sizes, add your signature (provided that you have a signature on file), add an image of a checkbox or a red right- or left-pointing arrow. Double click on an image to remove it or hover over a text box and click on the Remove button that appears in the top right. Click and drag to move or scale any object as needed - click in the middle of the object to move it, or in the lower right-hand corner to resize.

You can remove any page by clicking "Remove This Page" in the Page Controls box.

Select or add your fax number, edit the fax title and associated patient, and send by clicking on the "Send Fax" button to the right of the document. Note that the marked-up fax must be associated with a particular patient, as the sent fax is stored in that patient's file. If you want to send a fax that is not associated with a particular patient, you can create a dummy patient account (using the practice name as the patient's name, e.g.) and associate this "patient" with the fax.