Faxes that come in to your integrated incoming fax line can be rotated, split and saved as multiple documents, or edited to remove select pages

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To open the fax editor:

  1. Click on the incoming fax in your Fax Queue to view it
  2. Click on the Fax/PDF Edit icon  above the document

  3. Click on the applicable button to Rotate Pages, Split Fax (for example, if one fax comes in for multiple patients), or Remove Pages:

Rotate Pages

Select this option to rotate all pages in the fax (note that there is currently no way to rotate only select pages in a fax within the EHR). Click on the applicable radio button to rotate 90°, 180°, or 270°. Click Rotate All Pages to save.

Split Fax
Check the boxes for the pages that you want to split off into a new document. If you want to remove the selected pages from the original fax, leave that box checked in the lower right corner to "Remove Split Pages from Original." To leave the pages in the original and also create a new document from the selected pages, uncheck that box. Click Split Checked Pages into New Fax to create a new document from checked pages. The new document will appear in the incoming fax queue along with the original. Repeat as needed to create additional documents from the original fax.

Remove Pages

Check the boxes for pages that you want to remove from the fax. Click Delete the Checked Pages to save the fax in your incoming fax queue without those pages you selected.

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