Cerbo and Biocanic provide an integration allowing you to streamline your ability to quickly jump from the patient’s chart in Cerbo to their Biocanic functional summary, health trackers, etc. This puts the metabolic, lab, and health tracker data from Biocanic at your fingertips from a patient’s Cerbo chart.

For more information about Biocanic, please visit their website: biocanic.com

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  1. To use this integration, you must have an active Biocanic Account. To discuss subscription options or sign up, contact Biocanic via email at help@biocanic.com or book a demo on their website biocanic.com.

  2. Once you are an active Biocanic member, fill out the registration form here: biocanic.com/cer-bo-integration-request-form.

NOTE: This includes an attestation that you are authorized to share data from Cerbo to Biocanic.

3. Biocanic will email the Cerbo Support Team to request activation.

4. Cerbo will add API keys on a sticky note in John Doe's chart, which you will retrieve and share with Biocanic to activate the integration.

Getting Started - Using the Integration

Once setup is complete, there will be a link/ URL to the Biocanic dashboard placed within each patient chart in Cerbo. That URL can be placed in any free text block - for example, the Need to Know block or the Admin Notes block.

New and existing clients will be automatically synchronized from Cerbo to Biocanic based on their email address in Cerbo. The unique URL will link directly to their Biocanic dashboard. 

Once connected, labs and demographic/ basic information are automatically synched from Cerbo to Biocanic. And vitals are synched bi-directionally between the two systems.

Example Screenshots

Below are screenshots of how patients’ information appears in Biocanic.

The client functional summary:

Health Trackers View:

Lab Metabolite Tracking and Graphs:

Scored Assessment View