If you offer Pellet Therapy to your patients, we have a special type of Alternate Plan Option that allows you to specify ingredients, infusions details, lot numbers, expirations, and will create a special type of standing order in the patient's Open Orders block. 

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Add a New Pellet to the Alternate Plan list

You can add new Pellet ordering templates to your Alternate Plan Options database under Admin > Manage > Alternate Plan Options. To add Pellet that you administer as a new prescribable/orderable item, click the + Create New Plan Option button at the top.

  1. In the Alternate Plan Name field, put the name of the specific Pellet that you want to order/ prescribe, for example "Testosterone"
  2. For Action Type, select Pellet Therapy or, if that is not an option (this is the first one you have added), select + ADD NEW TYPE or, in some instances, ALL TYPES, then type in Pellet Therapy into the Action Type field. NOTE you'll need to use this exact name.
  3. Type a Description, if desired (this would be shown on the encounter summary when the item is prescribed IF alternate Instructions/ Notes have not been saved as part of the item's default ordering profile - see below).
  4. Click + Add This Alternate Plan Option to save.

A pop up box will appear asking if you want to add a default profile - this would be your Pellet administration details, with the individual does strengths and treatment details. Click OK for yes or Cancel for not at this time.

Set Up Default Ordering Profile

Your default ordering profile for a Pellet is the Dose strength, Quantity, Administration location, Lot Number, pre and post treatment details, schedule details plus internal Ordering Notes, and patient-facing Notes/ Instructions.

You can add the default Pellet dosing/ordering profile:

  1. When you first add the Pellet to the Alternate Plan Options database (see above).
  2. When you are adding the Pellet order to a patient's chart, by filling out the details that you want to be part of the default ordering profile, then checking the box at the bottom to save as default.
  3. Or by editing the entry in the Alternate Plan Options list, and clicking where it says "The default dosing profile (instructions, amount, brand, etc.) can be set while prescribing/ assigning this to a patient's chart or by "clicking here."

Ordering/ Documenting Pellet Therapy

You will order Pellet Therapies for a patient by hovering over the + sign in the blue Plan Rx/Orders/Vaccines box at the right side of an open Encounter Note and selecting Add Pellet Therapy. Select the Pellet you want, make any desired changes to the default dosing, notes, or other information, and click Complete to add it to the plan.

The information that is shared with the patient (in the Encounter Summary for the visit where the pellet was ordered, or the patient's Wellness Plan) is the name of the Pellet, strength, quantity, location, and whatever is the Notes/ Instructions field.

Pellet Inventory

Pellet stock can be tracked in Cerbo's internal inventory manager. See instructions here -  Inventory Management in Cerbo