The goal of this workflow is to create credit banks that you can deduct labs and supplements purchased from. This method will allow you to create the credit banks even if the patient is paying you via Subscription or Payment plan. 
Usually, some clients choose to exclude these banks from their income reporting, using unique payment methods (Lab/Supplement Bank) allow you to do so easily. 


1. Hover over the top right corner of the billing block and press on the plus sign. Once you have done so, the following window will appear. Select “Add Payment” 

2.  In the next window that pops up, type in the value of their Lab Bank, making sure to name the credit pool, and select the “Lab/Supplement Bank” option. When done press “+ Add Payment” 
    If you do not have this payment method and would like to add it please contact support@cer.bo

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for Supplement Banks 

Now we have credit sitting on the patient’s account that is specifically for Supplements (or Labs if a Lab bank)!

If we want to now charge the patient for labs / supplements using the banks:

4. We’ll open a new encounter note by pressing the green plus sign

5. In the encounter note, select “Charges” from the green box, and in the window that pops up search for The relevant charges. I used Genova as an example

6. From that green box again, we’ll select “Apply Credit”

    7. Select the bank you would like to pull from, in this case Lab Bank, check the box associated with the charges, and select “Allocate this Credit” 


Additional Notes:

The Supplement/Lab bank can be excluded from income reporting, but it will still be included in a patients overall account balance. It cannot be omitted from the Patient Portal unless you have opted to hide patient balances overall.