Prescribers can obtain a special Narcotic Addiction DEA number (NADEAN or XDEA number) to prescribe certain highly-controlled medications to treat people with narcotic addiction. But there is no structured data field in Cerbo to record a prescriber's XDEA number. Prescribers would instead add their XDEA number to the Notes to Pharmacy in the dosing profiles for affected medications, and make that part of the saved medication dosing profile.

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The prescriber's NPI and DEA number are recorded in their user profile under Admin > Manage > Users. (Note: for prescribers that have more than one DEA number, additional DEA numbers can be set up by reaching out to support@cer.bo.) 

Prescribers that also have an NADEAN should NOT record this in place of their DEA number in their user profile. The regular DEA number is required there for regular controlled substances eRx. 

Instead, for those specific medications that require the NADEAN, the prescriber should add their NADEAN in the Notes to Pharmacy field in the medication dosing window in EXACTLY the following format: 

NADEAN: XA11111111 

For example:

Other instructions to the pharmacy may be included above or below that number.

Each prescriber with an NADEAN will want to save their own personal medication dosing profiles (that includes their NADEAN) for each of the highly-controlled medications that they prescribe. To save the dosing profile, click on the Use Profile drop down at the top right, then on Save Current Settings as a New Profile.

  • The prescriber should make sure to set the profile as Personal to them, rather than Global (for all users). And can name it in whatever way that would make it intuitive for them to select if there are multiple dosing profiles.
  • If the dosing changes significantly per patient, the other dosing details in the saved profile could be the most-commonly used. And the strength could be blank to be manually filled in if appropriate, as in the screenshot above.

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