Cerbo provides PDMP/PMP support by way of partner Bamboo Health. In many states, this integration is provided at no cost.


Check if your state is funded at https://go.bamboohealth.com/ehrrequest. If your clinic is in a funded state please sign up at https://connect.bamboohealth.com/ and if in a non-funded state https://go.bamboohealth.com/ehrrequest.


Please add the practice name, NPI and/or DEA, and state to the Bamboo Health block in Admin -> Manage -> Integrations. Cerbo will receive the username and password once the integration is approved by Bamboo Health. Users will need to have a valid NPI and/or DEA on file under Admin -> Manage -> Users.


Once approved, a button to fetch the PMP data appears when searching for medications in a chart or encounter note

and when prescribing a controlled substance

When pressed, scores are returned and in most states, a link to a detailed report.

Please see the Factsheet for more information about these scores.


A user must have an authorized secondary role specified in Admin -> Manage -> Users. Valid roles include:

  1. MD
  2. DO
  3. NP/ FNP
  4. FNP
  5. Naturopath/ NMD
  6. PA (if seeing patients independently)