Help Articles
Stock Forms Request
  • Cerbo offers 'stock forms' for commonly requested questionnaires. Requests will come in to Tier 1 Support channel on FreshDesk automatically
  • Download Stock Forms from Github and use SFTP to upload to client's build. Make sure to log in and ensure the correct forms are visible in QM / Questionnaires page
Forms - Stock Forms Request
Consent Forms
  • Consent Forms are custom forms that are simple enough to not require billing for dev time. These are generally forms where the only user input is a signature at the bottom, or a few basic questions
  • Always test uploaded forms by filling them out, submitting, and ensuring the resulting form makes it to the PPQ. Make sure to delete these from the PPQ when finished
  • Questionnaires are more complicated forms that must follow a stricter set of standards, and are generally billed for dev time
  • Give the practice a quote for how long it will take to create the forms. If you're unsure, ask a developer to look at it
  • Follow 'Conventions for Forms' to understand proper formatting of questions
  • When form is uploaded and tested, inform customer then assign to 'Billing Team' in freshdesk along with a private note with how many dev hours it took
Adding images to forms
  • Some custom forms will require an image file to be added. 
    1. If the image isn't a PNG, save it as one in PhotoShop
    2. Using SFTP, upload to var/www/html/custom/images/forms/
    3. Add the following element to the HTML, replacing {URL} with the practice's EMR URL:

<img src="https://{URL}/custom/images/forms

/name_of_image_file_goes_here.png" >

Adding Signatures to forms
  • The process for adding providers' signatures to forms is very similar to adding an image. 
    1. First, add the signature if not already present. Refer to 'Adding Signatures' article- they can do it themselves but sometimes they refuse
    2. If you have the PNG file of the signature already, skip to step 5. Otherwise, open John Doe's chart, and at the top click Generate > Blank Editable Form template.
    3. Click 'No Signature on File' > Select Signature to Use, then select the desired signature and screenshot it.
    4. Refer to the instructions in 'Adding Signatures' article to clean up signature and save as a PNG
    5. Upload and add to form exactly how you would for an image

Patient Support

Help Articles
Password Reset
  • Patients will forget their password occasionally and need assistance with recovering or resetting it
  • Open EMR link and search for patient. Their name might not exactly match how its typed in, in this case its helpful to search for their email address (if you can't find them, See Section on 'Wrong Clinic' below)
  • At top of patient's chart, click Pt Portal > Send Invite/Reset Link. In the resulting dialog, click 'Send Invitation / Reset Email to [address]' link.
  • Do not tell them which address you sent it to, this is a HIPAA violation. The best you can do is tell them the domain, i.e "We sent it to your address at  *****"
Wrong Clinic
  • If Patient info (typically name / email address) is not found when searching provided EMR, clarify if they are trying to log in to [Clinic Name] and if so, ask for more information / alternate names and email addresses they could have used when registering

Wrong Personal Information
  • If a patient has erroneous information in their chart, they will not be able to log in. Currently this includes name, DOB, and ZIP.
    • For ZIP codes, give them password reset link which allows them to log in, then they can change it on their portal. 
    • For Name / DOB, have them contact clinic 

Bug Report
  • If a Patient or Provider reports a bug within the software, attempt to reproduce it. 
  • Make sure it is not an intended feature or a misunderstanding on their part.
  • Add a private note with as much information/context as you can, including a screenshot of the bug in action, then set type to 'Bug Report' and assign to Devs

De-Activated Account
  • If there is a Red speech bubble icon in the Patient's chart, it means the account has been de-activated. This is done either intentionally by the practice, or automatically if there are too many consecutive login attempts.
  • You are not allowed to re-activate the patient's account for them. Instruct them to contact the practice.

Duplicate Patient accounts
  • Sometimes practices erroneously make two accounts for a single patient, or use the same email address for two separate patients (usually a family member). This will result in the patient not being able to log in to one or both accounts.
  • If it's for the same patient, you are not allowed to perform a merge. Notify the clinic and refer them to this help article 
  • If its for separate patients who are related to each other:
    • If they have a gmail address, you can set one of the accounts to an alias using a + symbol. For example, if the shared address is '', set the other account's email to 'patient1+[something else] This will create an alias that will send any emails sent to either address to '', while being distinct addresses on our system.
    • If they don't have a gmail address, tell them to contact the clinic and have them change one of the addresses to another email address owned by the patient

EMR/Patient Portal Configuration

Help Articles
Lab Integrations
  • Cerbo offers a number of third-party integrations. The simpler / less code-intensive ones are sometimes handled by Tier 1 Support.
    • LabCorp
    • Quest


Config Changes
  • There are a huge variety of ways clients can customize their EMR and Patient Portal. This is done by modifying config files on their build and adding/modifying 'constants'. The behavior of these constants are described in various internal help articles.
  • Generally, constants pertaining to the EMR will be in var/ww/safe_includes/config.php
  •  Constants for the patient portal will be in var/www/patient_portal/safe_includes/portal_config.php
  • Refer to the relevant help articles to confirm location of the constant. Sometimes they are in other config files within the safe_includes folders.

NOTE: Always back up config files you are modifying. If you are modifying 'config.php' on October 31, 2022, the appropriate backup filename would be 'config.2022-10-31_{your initials}.php'

Logo Change
  • When practices need their logos changed, Tier 1 handles the basic image editing and configuration required.
  • Have them send logo in PNG or SVG format
  • Follow help article instructions to modify logo so it works in EMR and Patient Portal
Name / Address / Info Change
  • When a practice requests a change to their Name, address, phone / fax, email, or EIN, we must update it accordingly in config
Update Clinic Address / Provider Info
Questionnaire Page Configuration 
  • Some clients (i.e Maxwell) use our old system of managing Questionnaires where we have to manually edit a file
Auto-Filing Forms
  • Sometimes a clinic wants to automatically add completed Questionnaires to a patient's chart instead of going to the PPQ
Multi-Location / Multi-Build setup
  • Similar to the address change, when a clinic wants multiple locations we must update the config
  • Tier 1 only handles Multi-Location setups, first refer to "Multi-Location vs.Multi-Build" article to determine which one is appropriate, and assign to devs if Multi-Build. Otherwise refer to Multi-Location setup article.

Multi-Location setup