Our Zoom integration is currently in beta and offered at $10/month/account. This integration offers the ability to create Zoom meetings directly from Cerbo appointments, which can then be linked to the appointment's confirmation and reminder notifications. 


To get started, login to your EMR and go to Admin > Manage > Integrations > Zoom. If you don't see this option, contact Cerbo Support to have it enabled. Click on the "Add Zoom Account" link to get your accounts connected. 

Once your Zoom account is setup in Cerbo, you should see a new option to create and attach a Zoom meeting when adding or editing appointments in Cerbo:

After a Zoom meeting has been created for an appointment, you can click to edit the appointment in order to access that join link (it should also automatically appear in your Zoom account, so you can join from their application as well):

Future modifications that you make to a Cerbo appointment will also be made to the corresponding Zoom meeting, but note that this is only one-way:

  1. If you change the time of an appointment in Cerbo, it will also update the associated Zoom meeting time
  2. If you cancel an appointment in Cerbo, it will automatically delete the associated Zoom meeting
  3. If you make any changes directly in Zoom's system, it will NOT update the corresponding Cerbo event

Uninstalling the Zoom integration

To disable the integration:

  1. Login to your EMR account:
    • Go to Admin > Manage > Integrations > Zoom
    • Click on the trash icon next to your account here to remove it from Cerbo
  2. Login to your Zoom account:
    • Navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace
    • Click Manage > Installed Apps and search for the Cerbo by MD HQ app
    • Click the Cerbo by MD HQ app
    • Click Uninstall