2/7/2022 - A browser update may cause payments processed on Pax A80 NOT to register in Cerbo.

New browser updates to the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers may impact the functionality of Pax devices linked to web-based applications (such as Cerbo). The issue does not seem to be impacting most Pax users yet.

An impacted user can send the transaction to the Pax A80 device, and the Pax device can process the transaction. However, the user's browser blocks the response back to Cerbo, making it appear that the patient has not paid and still has a balance in Cerbo. 

If this happens to you:

  1. Check Bluefin Payconex to see if the payment processed successfully.
  2. If so, manually add the payment as Payment Type "Other" to their chart in Cerbo, making a note of the Bluefin transaction ID in the payment Notes field.
  3. Switch to using Firefox as your browser to see if this fixes the issue, or see below for a slightly more complicated fix that Bluefin suggested.

Bluefin sent out an email over the weekend notifying customers of this potential issue, with some instructions on mitigating the problem while they work out a long-term fix. The easiest fix should be switching browsers to Mozilla Firefox.

Here is an example of a message sent by Bluefin:

Both Microsoft and Google released browser updates to their Edge and Chrome browsers respectively.  Both released updates on February 3rd.


Most users have their settings to automatically update to new browser releases when made available; therefore, after a browser updates, it is no longer able to communicate correctly to a PAX terminal.


In both browsers, a new security feature (InsecurePrivateNetworkRequestsAllowed) was enabled which impacts how a browser communicates to a PAX terminal.  The feature is intended to introduce additional security restrictions when the browser believes it is connecting to a website which may be on a network deemed more private.  For example, a public IP address connecting to a private IP address or a private IP address connecting to a local host address.

At this time, Bluefin has not determined how this new feature is negatively impacting the communication between these browsers and a PAX terminal.  This is being researched at this time.


We have two options for restoring the browser to PAX terminal communication.


  1. Utilize the Firefox browser rather than Chrome or Edge.  The “InsecurePrivateNetworkRequestsAllowed” restriction has not been released by Firefox at this time.
  2. This “paxfix.reg” will make Windows Registry updates to the Chrome and Edge settings to override (disable recent change for this feature) on both browsers.  Copy the file to your computer.  Double click on the file and accept the install.  This will make the following update to the registry and return the Browser ßà PAX Terminal communication to an operational state for the Chrome and Edge browsers. ***

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00








Bluefin and PAX are continuing to research this issue and will release a permanent solution as soon as possible.


Please address any additional questions to: techsupport@bluefin.com

*** We cannot verify the integrity of the paxfix.reg so we are not re-posting the file here. Please contact Bluefin's technical support for additional details and for a copy of the registry patch if you are not finding it in your email.

We will release additional information as it becomes available. If you have transactions that appear to fail, please check your Bluefin PayConex portal to confirm the status of those transactions before attempting to re-run the transaction to avoid double-billing customers.