The Sales Tax Report provides total sales, taxable revenue, exempted transactions, and sales tax charged, so that clinics who are subject to sales tax can remit tax payments to the applicable taxing authority.

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The Sales Tax Report provides a breakdown of the total charges, taxable charges, taxed and exempted charges, and total sales taxes charged for a given period of time. This is the report you would use to report and remit sales taxes collected to the applicable taxing authorities. The report may take a time to load, especially if you are running it for a longer period of time (like a full year).

  • Totals in the Sales Tax Report are generally totals of CHARGES, not payments. So Total Revenue on the Sales Tax Report should line up with the Total Charges on the End of Day/ Week/ Month Report
    • Except that that the Sales Tax Report excludes any Adjustment charge - a special purpose charge type that can be positive or negative - which is included in the total of Charges on the End of Day/ Week/ Month Report.
  • The reporting range is based on the charge's transaction date (defined/ shown at the bottom right of the Add/ Edit Charge window; this can be different than the Date of Service for charges added inside an encounter note). 

For the reporting period:

  • Total Revenue is the total amount of charges. 
  • Potential Taxable Revenue is the total of charges that are marked are as taxable. This is set in the Charge List entry under Admin > Manage > Charge List.
  • Exempted Taxable Revenue includes any charges that are marked as taxable in the Charge List, but for which sales tax was not charged (e.g., the tax rate was changed to 0 or "None (No Tax)" was selected for the Tax Location in the Add/ Edit Charge window) OR the sales tax was charged but is unpaid.
  • Taxed Revenue is the total of charges for which sales taxes were charged and paid. 
  • # Taxed Products is the number of individual product/ supply items (number of charges times unit quantity per charge) with corresponding sales tax charges (whether paid or unpaid).
  • # Taxed Services is the number of individual services charges (e.g., charge not marked as "Is supply/ product" in the Charge List) with corresponding sales tax charges (whether paid or unpaid).  
  • Total Sales Tax is the total of sales taxes charged (whether paid or unpaid). 
  • Average Rate (%)is the Total Sales Tax divided by the total Potential Taxable Revenue. This can be different from your set tax rate for a couple of reasons:
    • Taxable charges where the tax rate was changed to 0 or None (No Tax) was selected for the Tax Location.
    • The hundredths place in particular may be off due to the rounding to the nearest cent that happens on each transaction when adding sales tax charges.

Multiple Sales Tax Jurisdictions

For clinics with multiple sales tax jurisdictions/ multiple tax rates set up, there will be an option within the Sales Tax Report to filter by tax location.

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