Cerbo has partnered with Reimbursify to help you submit courtesy claims to insurance companies on behalf of your patients. This integration allows you to submit claims to Reimbursify directly from your encounters in Cerbo. 


To get started, you will first setup a practitioner account with Reimbursify. See here for more information about their plan options.

To setup the integration in Cerbo, go to Admin > Manage > Integrations > Reimbursify to configure the practitioners whose Cerbo services should submit to Reimbursify:

Once you setup your practitioner(s) in the above menu, you can submit claims to Reimbursify from two places in the EMR:

  1. Patient Encounter Note: You should see a Reimbursify block appear in your encounter notes (see image below for example) , with the option to submit the claim as well as a history if that claim has already been filed:

  2. Insurance Billing Summary: You can access this from Reporting > Financial Reports > Insurance Billing Summary. This report allows you to select and submit multiple patient encounters at one time (for example, if an admin will submit all claims for the day at once, rather than submitting at the time of service):

Once you submit a claim, it will generate a report with either a green claim ID (if successful) or a red error message (if there was a failure). You can also go back to Admin > Manage > Integrations > Reimbursify at any point to access a report on all claims submitted from the EMR to review those statuses later:

Note that a green claim ID means that the submission was accepted into Reimbursify's system, NOT that it was paid or processed by the insurance company.

To check the status of a claim after submission from the EMR, log into your Reimbursify account. At this time, Reimbursify does not have the option for Cerbo to check on the status after this point. 

Note that Reimbursify matches your claims to your account based on the practitioner NPI for those services. So if you have multiple practitioners setup on the integration, you will need to login to the corresponding provider account in Reimbursify's system to check the status of a submitted claim.