This article addresses how to view past patient communication via secure message, emails and text messages (for Twilio users).

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Secure Messages

Past sent and received secure messages can be accessed under Pt. Portal > Show Pt's Portal History. Conversations will be threaded with the newest messages at the top.

Cancellations and other manually sent Emails -

Emails that have been sent to the patient using Cerbo (excluding appointment reminders) can be accessed by clicking the patient's email address in the patient information block, then clicking the "...Show past email correspondence" link on the bottom of the email pop-up window.

Appointment Reminders

Sent or scheduled appointment reminder emails and text messages can be found under Scheduling > Show Patient's Task and Schedule History, while inside the patient's chart. Click on the title of the appointment to see the contents of the reminder email and text message as well as the date and time they were sent. If the notification was scheduled but there is no text displayed, the patient received the default message. Examples of default reminders can be found here. Note: The system does not save or record the contents of the initial appointment confirmation email.

Twilio Text Messages -

Text messages that are received through the integrated Twilio inbox can be found in the patient's chart by clicking on their mobile phone number.

Patient Timeline -

A comprehensive overview of all patient related communications, orders, prescriptions and more can be found in the Patient Timeline. The Timeline can be generated in the patient's chart under Generate > Patient Timeline or in the secure message history (see above) by clicking the "View all portal, Email, and SMS Communications" button in the top right.