This is a hidden page on your patient portal that lets people review the clinic. It will email the response to staff and can send the reviewer to Google or Yelp to share their review if the rating is favorable (generally 4 or 5 star reviews). The client/patient does NOT need to be logged in to view this page.

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You can request a review from a client/patient by including a link to this page in a secure message, email or in the body of a soap note. If you have an Active Campaign integration you can use that as well.  Additionally, we can set it up so that the link automatically goes out with every Encounter Summary notification email. 

You are also able to customize the initial verbiage as well as the text response to each star rating.  The default for a 1-3 star rating is: 

We're sorry your experience hasn't been up to the standards we strive for. If you have any other suggestions for us, please reach out to our office and we hope we can improve in the future!

Default for a 4-5 star rating is: 

Thanks for letting us know! If you're willing to share your experience on a public review site like Yelp or Google Reviews, we'd really appreciate it! And if you have any questions for our office please feel free to reach out.

Advanced:  You are able to track where the the review request came from. 

If you would like this page activated, please email support at support@cer.bo

Let us know:

1. Which staff email you would like to receive the response (default is your practice email)

2. Any text customizations you'd like 

3. The links to your Google and/or Yelp rating page(s)