Defining work schedules in Cerbo lets you see who is working on any given day of the week and their hours. While this can benefit the practice internally, in terms of organizing resources efficiently, an even more powerful use of this feature is in enabling patients to schedule appointments through the patient portal. The set work schedule will ultimately be used by the software to display available time slots for appointments to patients on their portal. This article will focus on demonstrating how to set these work schedules. 

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For a video demonstration of this feature, please click here.


Before setting the work schedule in Cerbo, it's helpful to decide who will work on which days of the week and for how long. Especially in the case of complicated work schedules involving multiple clinic staff, it'll be beneficial to draft the individual work schedules on paper.

You'll also want to ensure that all relevant appointment/schedule types (e.g. New Patient Consult, Follow-up Consult, Internal Meetings, etc.) have been added to your system. The software will use these appointment types to populate the work schedule calendar. 

When you're ready, follow the steps described below:

  1. Click on the work schedule icon (circled in red in image on right below) in the top right corner of your calendar. It'll appear only when you're in Day view (see image on left below).  
  2. Next, select a) who will be available, b) for which appointment types, c) duration of availability, and d) whether the work schedule recurs. For practices with multiple staff, the first section will have names of everyone who has a calendar enabled (this option would be in Admin >> Manage >> Users). So under "Check who will be available", select the name(s) of users you're setting the work schedule for. 
  3. Under "Check What Visit Types are Available..." select only the schedule types that you want to make available, or just display on user's the calendar
  4. The "Event Details" notes field is optional and for internal use only. 
  5. Next to "From" you'll have the option of setting a date and a time range corresponding to the scheduled availability. For example, if the defined availability is for 06/15/2021 between 7am and 3pm, you would apply the settings shown below in the date and time ranges. If the event recurs, click the drop-down next to "Event Recurs" and it will reveal another drop-down menu to specify the frequency. Additionally, for recurring work schedules you will be required to specify an "end date" corresponding to the last day that this work schedule should apply. The second image below shows how you would set the schedule to recur every week on Tuesday from 7am to 3pm, starting 06/15/2021 and ending on 06/15/2022. Cerbo lets you schedule ahead by up to 2 years. So for this start date, the furthest we can schedule out is 06/15/2023. The work schedule will need to be reset after that.


Deleting Defined Work Schedules

  1. Right click on the work schedule on the calendar, and select "Edit"

  2. Select "Delete This Day" to remove the schedule for the one day, or select "Delete ALL Recurrences" to remove all work schedules in the defined series

NOTE: Work schedules cannot be edited in bulk. You must delete/redefine recurring schedules. 

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