Each state in the USA maintains their own operational immunization information system (IIS). Cerbo is now integrated with various states in order to allow you to submit immunization records for your patients directly to the state per CDC Guidelines, and we are working hard to integrate with as many states as are needed. 

Note that this is a one-way integration which only allows you to report TO the state (this feature does NOT also allow you to download or receive vaccination records FROM the state).

Contact support@cer.bo to inquire about the status of your state's integration!

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To get started, go to Admin > Manage > Integrations and you should see the Vaccine Registry Programs section here:

Once you select your state from the dropdown, you will either see a message that it's not ready yet (in which case, please follow the instructions here to let us know you're interested!) or you will see a new window appear to collect the information required by your state. Check your state's website for further information if you aren't sure where to get these.

Using the Integration - How it Works

Once you are successfully integrated, you can go to Reporting > Vaccine State Registry to send and/or check the status of your immunization records reporting.

Automatic Reporting

The system automatically reports to the state every night at 4am, and these automatic reports ONLY include records added the previous day. This means that any records added to the system before the integration was set up, or where automatic reporting had failed (if required info was missing), will need to be manually reported.

Manual Reporting

You can manually report a vaccination record from any of the tabs found under Reporting > Vaccine State Registry. You will generally only manually report items under the "Not Reported" tab (this is where you can find records that were added before the integration was set up, or where automatic reporting had failed). Occasionally, you will also want to manually report from the "Reported" tab if the state requires it (sometimes the reporting doesn't fail, but the state sends a warning that information was missing and they need you to resend it - see the below "Failures/Troubleshooting" section for more information on this).

How to Ensure Successful Reporting

Each state requires certain patient information (such as race, ethnicity, VFC eligibility, etc) and vaccination details (such as lot numbers, dosage details, etc) are included in your records.

For required patient information:

  • You should now see a new prompt to add required details when you are adding a vaccine record for a patient. If the patient is missing this information (meaning the system will fail to report unless you resolve), you should see this message appear in red and with a warning icon:
  • If you are manually reporting records from Reporting > Vaccine State Registry, you can click on any patient's name in the list to add or edit these required details. If the patient is missing this required information, they will also appear with a warning icon next to their name:
  • When in any patient's chart, you will see a warning indicator in their vaccination block if they are missing required information (you can click on this icon to add those details as well):

For required vaccine information:

  • Note that only certain vaccine types are supported for state reporting. To see the full list of supported vaccine types, go to Reporting > Vaccine State Registry and hover over the ? icon here:

    Not seeing something here that you need to report? Contact support@cer.bo with the details!

  • When adding a patient vaccination record, add your lot/expiration day in the suggested "XXXX mm/dd/yyyy" format. (or you can add this as "XXXX mm/yyyy" if the given expiration does not include a day).

  • A specific brand name will have to be provided in either the "Generic Name" field or the "Brand Name #1 (Default)" field in the Vaccine listing (Admin > Manage > Vaccines) in order to be recognized by the system for reporting. If what's listed in this field is too vague then the system will not be able to assign it accordingly and it will not report. When administering the vaccine the "Name of Vaccine" selection will always default to what's listed in the "Brand Name #1 (Default)" field, however additional selections for "Brand Name #2" or "Brand Name #3" can also be chosen when administering. 

  • Each state can have different requirements from here and they will let us know if something fails to report because of missing information. These will appear under Reporting > Vaccine State Registry with a warning icon next to the vaccine name, which you can hover over to learn more about what needs to be resolved:


If a vaccination is rejected during reporting, it will appear under the "Not Reported" tab with a warning icon. This means it was rejected completely and needs to be resent after the issues are resolved (hover over the warning icon for information about the failure).

Any vaccine under the "Reported" tab was received and accepted by the state, however they could still have warnings that might require attention. Hover over the ? icon for any of these records to see the status message that our system received from the state. Sometimes, these will just show complete success messages:

Other times, they will show with other message items, indicating missing information or potential issues:

Whether or not these additional warnings require any action varies depending on the warning and the state. Please contact your state registry directly for further information or help with these if anything is unclear. Some states will send you an email notification if any of these need to be resent (this is also something you will need to check with your state registry directly).

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