Ambra Health is a medical data and image management cloud software company. Visit their website to learn more: https://ambrahealth.com/contact-us/

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Cerbo and Ambra Health provide an integration allowing you to easily access a list of studies for any given patient, pull links to those studies directly into an encounter note, and create a new order in Ambra Health's system directly from your EMR.  

Getting Started - Setting up the Integration

To get started, login to Cerbo and go to Admin > Manage > Integrations. You should see an "Ambra Health" section in this view:

Enter your login details here (these are the same credentials you use to login to Ambra Health's site directly) and then click the "Activate Account" button. The view should refresh with a success message once complete! It will look something like this:

Using the Integration

Once you have completed the above setup, you should see the Ambra Health block inside all of your patient encounter notes under the save/sign options:

You have two actions that you can perform from this block:

1. Insert link to Ambra Health study

This will launch the patient's study history in Ambra Health's system: 

(in order to display here, the patient's name, gender, and DOB must match what the study is saved under in Ambra Health's system)

You are then given the option to view a study, which will launch Ambra Health's viewer in a new window. 

You can also copy the study link to your encounter note. This will push the URL to Ambra Health's viewer into the body of your encounter note (and that can be shared with the patient for them to view the study). 

NOTE - Ambra Health's images are extremely large files, so this integration does not give you the option to load the imagery directly into the patient's EMR chart (this would cause performance issues) and instead just gives you easy access to view those on Ambra Health's viewer.

2. Create new Ambra Health order

This will launch an order window, where you can create the new patient record or match to an existing patient record in Ambra Health's system (if one is found based on a demographics match):

Use the "Add Scheduled Procedure Step" link to add procedure items to the order and click the "Submit Order" button once you have everything you need, and that should transmit the order to Ambra Health's system instantly!