Generally connecting your Cerbo calendar to Google Calendar is a snap, but if you find that appointments aren't syncing over, or Google Calendar is taking an excessive amount of time to update, you can start with these trouble-shooting steps:

Scenario 1. If no new appointments are showing up: It's likely that you imported your iCal file but didn't subscribe to it. If this was the case, the calendar would just be installed but would never automatically update. If you installed the calendar and it never picks up new appointments this is usually the issue (there are options for importing vs subscribing, and you'd want to make sure that you're subscribing).

Scenario 2: The calendar was syncing, but it's been several days without updates happening: If it was previously loading in new appointments correctly but has stopped and it's been more than a day or two, then it's possible that Google Calendar has dropped the resync setting for some reason. You'd still see previous appointments but we've heard of cases were Google just stopped synchronization and in those scenarios you have to add/remove the calendar subscription from Google Calendar to "restart" the subscription.

Scenario 3: It's taking too long for edits to show up: Google calendar is notorious for setting arbitrary sync schedules for iCal feeds. They say that it's never more than 12 hours and usually much more frequent, but we've heard reports where it seemed to be even longer than 12 hours. There's not a lot we can do about this directly, but there's actually a work-around for that at the top of this complaint-board that I know has worked for some people who are seeing Google synchronize too irregularly: - the solution looks more complicated than it is and it seems to work well if you can follow the steps in the code-comments here. 

follow the steps in the code-comments here

Here is a helpful video about how to set up Google Calendar to sync more frequently: 

Forcing Google Calendar to Sync More Frequently with Cerbo