You can create a Chart Part that pulls in answers to patient submitted questionnaires. To do this, first you need a patient submitted questionnaire in your system. Go to a test patient's chart (such as John Doe) and Login to the Portal as the patient. Then from their questionnaires page, open the form that you want to make a chart part with, fill it out by answering every question, and submit it. You can skip this step if you've already had a patient submit the form you want to use. 

Now, go to Admin -> Manage -> Chart parts, and select "Create New from Questionnaire". In Step 1 search for the patient that you know has submitted the questionnaire. In Step 2, select which questionnaire from that particular patient's submitted questionnaires you would like to use. 

In Step 3 you add the custom variables to be used in your Chart Part. You can set it to default to always display the question prompt, even if the patient did not answer, to only display the question prompt if the patient answered, or to not display the question prompt at all (only the display the patient's answer): 

Click "Add Variable" to add the question variable to your Chart Part:

If you "Expand Options" for a question, you can set the question prompt to display or not for this particular question. You can also change the Question Prompt, add text after a patient's answer, and set text to display if a patient did not answer:

Once you have it set how you would like, click "Add Variable".

This will add a variable, displayed to the right under "Preview":

Once you have multiple variables added you can view all of them in the "Preview" section. If you want to remove one  click the red delete icon, or you can re-order them by clicking and holding down on the the arrows icon and drag and drop them into the order you would like.

Once you have your variables set up the way you would like, click "Create Chart Part". This will open up a "Add New Chart Part" window with your custom variables already added to the "Text to inserted" field. From here you can give your Chart Part a name, nickname(s), add additional text (including the standard variables), and/or add actions to your Chart Part. See here for more help on creating Chart Parts in general.