As this will be updated soonish and clients will be able to do this themselves - keeping this brief :) 

Consent Template file in your Forms folder -> Custom Form Templates -> Patient Portal forms

Select All and C+P it into a new file in your text editor

Convert the consent document into HTML, either manually or by using Be sure HTML Cleaner doesn't add a sneaky paragraph advertising itself!

add the title of the consent form here:

and here:

do a find and replace for consent_template, change to what you will name the file (must be one word). Save the file under that name. 

Upload to the client's build at /var/www/patient_portal/html/custom/forms/questionnaires

Login to the client's build and go to questionnaire manager, click on the ADMIN VIEW ALL FORMS button to view it on the portal. Submit it and make sure it works (IE no errors, shows as submitted, remove submission via portal or archive from PPQ in Cerbo).

Let the client know it is added and that they can control how it displays using the Questionnaire Manager!