Cerbo can only integrate with a single Fullscript account per EMR (this has to do with the way patients are mapped between the two systems). If your clinic has multiple providers who use Fullscript, this can be setup as follows:

  1. Decide on a "master" Fullscript account that will be used for your EMR (this can be your primary provider's account, or an umbrella clinic account)
  2. Setup all of your practitioners under this master account:
    1. Login to Fullscript
    2. Go to "Staff Settings":

    3. Click to "Add Practitioner" for each provider who will be using the integration in Cerbo:

  3. If you haven't already, follow these instructions (click here) to request the integration in Cerbo

All providers added to your account in Fullscript (step 3 above) will automatically appear in the following drop-down menu when sending patient supplements from Cerbo to Fullscript: 

Whichever provider selected here will display in any email communication to the patient from Fullscript for this prescription/recommendation. Furthermore, Fullscript allows you to filter by the ordering provider for reporting purposes in their system (contact Fullscript Support for further help running these reports).


  1. Getting Started - Requesting the Fullscript Integration
  2. About the Fullscript Integration