The Advanced Patient Search is a powerful tool for generating patient reports and lists based on your custom criteria. 

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The Advanced Patient Search is accessed under the Admin menu. Click on Advanced Patient Search there (or on Filtered Search in the submenu) to open the search filters window. Select any number of criteria to generate your desired list of matching patients. The resulting list can then be:

  • Viewed in your browser, with matching patients linked to their patient charts.
  • Downloaded to CSV (spreadsheet). The spreadsheet download includes much more extensive information on each matching patient, including their full contact and insurance information. And can be further sorted/ filtered or used to bulk-generate mailing labels, for example, in your preferred spreadsheet program on your computer.
  • Sent to the Patient Onboarding tool to quickly invite all matching patients to set up their patient portal login information.
  • Sent to the Revenue per Patient report to see the totals of charges for that specific subset of patients for a period of time.
  • Bulk-tagged with a tag that you have set up in your system.
  • Sent back into the Advanced Patient Search to search by exclusion.

The Advanced Patient Search has several subsections that will ask for various information. Here are details on each of these sections.

Filter/ Search Options

You can filter/ search by any number and combination of criteria listed in the form. For example: 

  • All Active status patients.
  • All Prospective status patients added more than 2 months ago who have not yet had an appointment, and do not have an upcoming appointment scheduled.
  • All patients who do (or do not) have insurance information or credit card information on file. 
  • Patients who have or have not completed a specific questionnaire (note that the questionnaire name should be entered EXACTLY as it appears for that questionnaire when it is saved into a patient's chart - minus the completed date - which may be different from its name in the Questionnaire Manager if it has been edited there).
  • All patients who were prescribed a specific medication or supplement, or had one or more specific lab(s) or IV(s) ordered.

If you select multiple different search criteria, the search results will show patients that match ALL of the criteria (an "AND" condition), except where indicated specifically otherwise below and in the search window. 

When you click "Generate this Report", the system will generate a list of all patients who match the criteria you provided. You can click on any name on the list to open that patient's chart.

View/ Export Detailed Results in a Spreadsheet

To view detailed results in a spreadsheet, with expanded demographics, contact, insurance, and tag information for each patient, click at the top right on Export Spreadsheet. Note that if you know you want the spreadsheet, then a shortcut to this step is checking the box to Export as CSV in the search window before clicking Generate this Report.

An example of the export template is attached at the bottom of this article. 

You can use the CSV/ spreadsheet download to generate a postal mailing list.

  • Download and open in your preferred spreadsheet program (e.g., Microsoft Excel).
  • Use your preferred spreadsheet program to perform a Mail Merge to generate mailing labels.

Generate/ Export a List of Emails (e.g., for sending an email blast)

To get a comma-separated list of all the email addresses for patients on your list - for example, to send a mass email to those specific patients - click at the top right of the report where it says "Output List of Emails." You can then copy and paste the resulting comma-separated list of emails into your preferred mass-emailing program.

*** DO NOT send mass emails from your regular email account, as this may cause your email address to be placed on a SPAM registry. We strongly recommend instead using a dedicated mass emailing program or newsletter management program to ensure the highest deliverability and avoid being flagged as a spammer.

If you need the emails in spreadsheet or CSV format to upload into a specific program, you can instead use the Export as CSV/ Export Spreadsheet option, and delete any unneeded columns before uploading.

Search Within Search Results, or Run a New Search that Excludes Prior Matches

From the "Matching Patients" search results page, you can re-run a new filtered search based on the first search results. To do this, click at the top of the report where it says "Filter these patients further with a new search."

That will re-open the Advanced Patient Search window, with the first search results shown at the top, and a drop down menu to run a second search either:

  1. Within the first group based on a secondary set of filters
  2. Or as a new search against the entire patient population that excludes the first group.

Only Search Within the Pre-Selected Group

This can be used, for example, to see all patients who:

  • Had an Initial Patient Appointment with the doctor and a Health Coaching visit with the health coach during a specific period of time.
  • Had a Discovery Call but have not had an Initial Appointment.

This can be used, for example, to see all patients who:

  • Do not have one or more tags - first search for patients that have the tag(s), and then filter with a new search and exclude those patients from the second search that you run.
  • Were prescribed a specific medication, but do not have a specific lab order on file. You would first search for patients who DO have the lab order, then exclude those from a second filtered search of all patients who were prescribed the medication.

Save Search Filters

You can save selected search filters to be able to quickly re-run the same search regularly in the future. To set this up, select all of the desired filters, then check the box at the bottom to "Save Filters". Then click Generate this Report to run the search and save your filters. You will be prompted to give your saved filtered report a name, for easier reference in the future.

Then, use the drop down menu at the top of the Advanced Patient Search to select/ load pre-saved filters, or to manage (delete) any saved filters that are no longer needed.

Send Results to (or from) Another Report or Tool

From the Advanced Patient Search results, you can send the search results to certain other reports or tools. Specifically:

  • Patient Credit Card Report, to see which of the specific set of patients have payment information on file.
  • Patient Onboarding Tool, to quickly mass-send Patient Portal invitations to patients who match your search criteria.
  • Patient Revenue Report report to see charge totals just for the selected set of patients over a specific period of time.
  • Patient Bulk-Tag Tool to apply a tag (and a tag note, if desired) to ALL patients who match your search criteria. Note that you cannot bulk-unapply a tag at this time!
  • Patient Status Change Tool (SUPERADMIN ONLY, to mass-update the status (Active, Prospective, Inactive, Deceased) of patients who meet specific filter criteria.
  • Lab Values Tracking, to generate a CSV export of structured data (numeric, generally) lab values for a specific subset of patients.

You can also send the results of certain other reports to the Advanced Pt Search, including the:

  • A/R and Pt Balances tab (report on all patients with account balances or credits)
  • Active Subscriptions list
  • Active payment plans list

Special Use Case: Mass Inactivating Patients based on Appointments

You can use the Advanced Pt Search to bulk mark patients as Inactive status if they haven't been seen in a certain period of time. This helps to keep your "Active" patient list up to date. And keep you in a lower pricing tier for the patient portal, if you are on the edge of moving into the next higher pricing tier.

To mass-inactivate patients based on them not having been seen in a period of time, run the Advanced Pt Search based on the Patient Date Filter for "Has not had an appointment between." Specify the date at the beginning of your period of inactivity as the start date, and today's date as the ending date.

The search results will show any patients who do not have an appointment within the specified time period. At the top right of the results report: 
  • Select "Send results to report..."
  • Click on Patient Status Change Tool

Within the tool that appears, select Inactive under "Select patient status to bulk-apply". Then click Bulk-Apply Patient Status to change the status of all those matching patients to Inactive.

Other Types of Patient Searches

The Advanced Patient Search described above is also called the Filtered Patient Search. You can also run several other types of patient searches from the sub-menu under Admin > Advanced Pt Search. All of these reports/ search results can be downloaded as a spreadsheet.

This allows you to search patient charts for specific words or phrases.  You can customize this search to include different components of the patient's chart such as SOAP Notes, Documents, Comments in Note Blocks, and Sticky Notes.

Health Maintenance Report

This allows you to search for patients who are coming due or overdue for specific rules that have been set up in the Health Maintenance Tracker. You can search for all rules at once, or one rule at a time, as well as selecting specific dates for when the rule(s) apply. This report can be exported as a spreadsheet, or can be converted a list of emails to help you more quickly reach out to affected patients.

Unread Sent Messages Report

This report lists all patients who were sent portal messages during a specific time-period but who have not yet read those messages. Messages are considered "read" once a patient has logged into the portal AND visited the Secure Message tab. You also have the option to include unsent messages that are scheduled for the future.

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