In some circumstances, users may want to have supplements that a patient is taking be associated with diagnosis codes/ conditions justifying the reason for use. Since Cerbo does not formally associate dx codes with supplements, you would do this in the Notes/ Instructions field in the supplement dosing/ prescription and/ or in the patient's supplement plan manager. 

For supplements that you frequently or always recommend for specific conditions, you might make the dx code and description part of the default Notes/ Instructions in the supplement's saved dosing profile to save the time of entering it manually each time. For a patient that is asking for this documentation after the fact, you might add it manually to their supplement plan:

  • Click on the pop out icon at the top right of the Supplements block to open the supplement plan, which includes anything that has been prescribed/ recommended for that patient that is not discontinued:

  • Within the supplement plan, you can add diagnosis/ description information to the Instructions fields for specific supplements and/ or use the Add Header and Add Text Area buttons + the ability to drag and drop reorganize supplements to add diagnosis/ description information for groups of supplements at once.

  • When you save the updated supplement plan, you would leave the box checked to generate a printable form, which you save to the patient's documents and share with them on the Patient Portal.