Whether a credit card was added by a user in the EMR or by the patient via the portal, you can manage these from the Billing tab of the Patient Information block.


Click the trash icon next to any card to delete it from the patient's chart:

You will be prompted to confirm and once you do, you will no longer be able to access this card (you would instead need to re-add it).

You can also delete a card from the "add payment" window - see here for more information.


A yellow star icon will appear next to the patient's currently preferred card:

All other cards will have a gray star instead. Click on any card's star to make it the new preferred card (this will move it to the top of the list once done).

NOTE: The preferred card is either the most recently used card on the patient's file or, if a preferred card has previously been set by a user, it will be this instead. This is the card that is automatically selected for payment when you select "Credit Card" for the payment type (you can always switch to a different card for payment, but this will be saved as the default for convenience).


Click on the pencil icon next to any card to add a brief (35 character) note:

This note is for internal purposes only (the patient will not be able to see it) and will appear both in the card management window:

as well as when you go to add a credit card payment to the patient's chart: