Various billing reports will show a breakdown of charges or payments by which user or staff member "owns" those charges or payments. That is, which user those charges or payments should be assigned to on billing reports. A payment is assigned to the user who "owns" the charge(s) the payment is applied to, so the question for both charges and payments allocation to users is who owns the specific charges?

Absent any manual assignment of charges, charge ownership/ assignment defaults as follows:

  • Charges added outside of an encounter note (directly to the patient's billing block) are assigned to the user who added the charge.
  • Charges added inside of an unsigned encounter note are assigned to the encounter note owner (the person who started the note or, if applicable, another user who the note is manually assigned to).
  • Charges added inside of a signed encounter note are assigned to the encounter note signer.

However, if you have the setting enabled, users can manually assign ownership of charges (for example so that a tech adds a charge for an IV and manually assigns that charge to the ordering provider so it is credited to the ordering provider on reports). Most commonly, this would be enabled just for charges added outside of an Encounter Note (directly to the patient's billing block), with ownership of charges added inside the Encounter Note following the Encounter Note ownership rules. However, if more complex charge attribution is needed, with some charges added inside of an Encounter Note being assigned to one user, while others are assigned to another, manual assignment of charge ownership can be enabled both inside and outside of an Encounter Note.

To set up manual ownership of charges, please contact