Sometimes practices need the ability to add in patients who are have not committed to a treatment program or membership. If you'd like to be able to easily track clients who are still leads you can do it easily using the "Prospective" status on the patient charts. Prospective patients have normal charts and can access the patient portal like an active patient, but there are obvious flags in your search and on the patient chart that they are a Prospective Patient (a large flag on their photo block, and their name shows up in light blue on searches) and if you want special rules to apply to prospective patients on the Patient Portal we can set that up on a custom basis.

There are several spots where this field can be set: 

1. When manually adding a new patient

If you're manually creating the patient chart, you'll see an 'Is "Prospective" Patient' checkbox in the bottom right corner of the form:

2. When manually editing an existing patient chart

If a patient was created without the prospective status, you can just open their chart, click on their basic Patient Information block to pop it out, and on the first tab just change the Status field (making sure to Save when you're done):

3. On Patient Self-Registration

If you allow patients to register themselves online via the Patient Portal, the default is that these patients will automatically be flagged as "Active". However, if you generally have patients register while they are still leads you can ask the Cerbo support team to update your registration settings to have self-registrations automatically come in with the Prospective status.

4. Using the API (for Programmers)

If you use our API to add/edit patients programatically, you just need to make sure that the "inactive" property is set to "prospective". So instead of setting {"inactive":false}, your developer would simply set it to {"inactive":"prospective"}. You can find more details on our API Documentation page