Overlapping work schedules can create problems in your calendar and cause incorrect availability to display in the patient portal scheduling feature.

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Note: Work schedules that overlap with a "Vacation" schedule will work correctly and do not need to be resolved. You only need to resolve overlaps if they both/all are meant to set available times for patients to schedule in the portal.

Identifying Overlapping Work Schedules: Go to a day in your calendar and right-click on a work schedule. You should only see one "Edit..." option in this menu (if you see multiple like the photo below, this means that you have overlaps):

Resolving Overlapping Work Schedules: To resolve a conflict, you will need to delete all overlapping work schedules until there is only one left at the given time (i.e., until you only see one "Edit.." option in the above menu). You can do this by right-clicking on a time with overlap and then selecting to edit one of the conflicting work schedules - this will bring up an edit window with the option to delete. Once you have deleted all conflicts, make sure to edit the final work schedule to encompass everything you want available for that day/time. See here for more help with setting work schedules.

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