While Cerbo does have its own built in subscription-management functionality, users who want to use Hint for their recurring monthly subscriptions can link up their EHR with their Hint account to:

  • Match patients between Hint and Cerbo to keep patient demographic/contact information up to date in both platforms when updated in either.
  • Show the patient's subscription plan in Billing block on their patient chart in Cerbo, and link to their account in Hint from their EHR chart as shown in the screenshot below.

The integration does not transfer payment information or transaction history between Hint and Cerbo. Practices may choose to collect payment information for patients in both systems to be able to process payments for non-subscription charges directly via the EHR, and can generate billing reports separately in each system.

Patient Registration Workflow

Because there is no way to invite patients who are already in Hint to add their payment information, if you use Hint for your subscription billing, then new patients must register via Hint's online registration form. The Patient Portal new patient registration form will be disabled, and the new patient workflow will be:

  • Patient completes the Hint online registration form, which creates their patient account in Hint.
  • Their patient chart in Cerbo is created automatically, based on the Hint registration, and an automatic email is triggered to invite them to set up their Patient Portal username and password.
  • They set up their username and password for the Patient Portal, log in, and add any other requested information (new patient paperwork, add a credit card for a la carte charges in the EMR, etc.).