You have the ability to link your EMR inventory with the Shopify store integration. 

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To link your Shopify webstore to your EMR inventory, you would:

  1. Create a Private App in your Shopify account and set up the required permissions.
  2. Share the API information for that app with Cerbo. Because API access information is sensitive information, please do not send this over email. Instead, please post it on a sticky note in John Doe's chart in your EMR, and then let Cerbo staff know to retrieve the information.

Step 1: Creating or Editing the Private App in Shopify

To create a new private app in your Shopify account, or edit an existing private app, login to Shopify and click on Apps

Then click on App and sales channel settings where it appears toward the bottom of the search options:

From here, click on the Develop apps option (in the top-right corner). If you have already created a custom app, you will see it listed in the next screen that appears and can click on the Custom app name to edit (this should be named something like "Cerbo" or "MD HQ"). 

If this is your first time setting up the custom app, click on the button to Create an app (if you don't see this button, you will see one to authorize/enable private apps, which you will need to click and follow the instructions for first).

When adding or editing the custom app for your Cerbo integration, you should see the following three sections. Instructions for what you want to check for each below:

  1. App Details
    Give this private app name something like "Cerbo" and use your office email for the email
    - Cerbo already receives these important notices from Shopify, so adding your office's email here will ensure that you see those important notices as well

  2. Admin API
    The API Permissions in this section is very important, and will help ensure that the integration can work as needed to keep your inventory levels properly synced between Cerbo and Shopify.

    Please make sure that your permissions match the photo below at least (you can give extra permissions if you want, but these are the only ones that Cerbo needs). If you don't see any of the below options, click on Show Inactive Admin API Permissions near the bottom of the section and it should expand:
    Save your Admin API integration changes.

  3. Storefront API
    Back out to App development > 'The name of your app' Configuration:
    Select the Configure button for Storefront API Integration.

    From there you will check all the boxes in the Checkout, Customers, and Products sections and hit save. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure to click the Save button at the bottom to save your Private app or any changes you have made.

Step 2: Sharing API Access Information with Cerbo

The information that we need to link up your Shopify store is:

  • Your store URL (for example, cerbo-store if the URL for our store was cerbo-store.myshopify.com)
  • Admin API access token 
  • API key 
  • API secret key 

You should see all of these details when you go to Apps > Developer Apps (see first screenshot at the top of this page) and click on your Cerbo or MD HQ app in the list there.


Please copy/paste that information into a sticky note that you post in John Doe's chart in your EMR (API access information is sensitive information and should NOT be shared via email).

Once you have done this, email us at support@cer.bo to let us know that the information is posted and ready to set up your Shopify link. We will complete the configuration using the information that you supply, and let you know when your Shopify integration is ready to go!

Step 3: Getting Shopify Inventory Into Cerbo

Once your Shopify is linked up to your Cerbo EMR, the next step is to sync up the inventories of both platforms:

If you have any overlapping products in both Cerbo Inventory and Shopify (i.e. you had inventory set up in both places already) make sure to run this reconciliation tool BEFORE you run an initial sync:
This will allow you to avoid duplicating products when you run an initial sync.

If you don't have overlapping products or you've already performed the above step, you can import items from Shopify to Cerbo by clicking the Get New Shopify Products button at the top of your inventory list (Admin > My Inventory).