Active Campaign is an automated sales, marketing, and CRM platform with dynamic automated email and SMS options. Our integration with Active Campaign makes it so that patient's information syncs to Active Campaign automatically. That allows you to send mass messages, or automated messages, directly from Active Campaign.

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The integration with ActiveCampaign is a one-way sync of information from Cerbo to your ActiveCampaign account. You can select which of the available fields should sync. 

What Information Syncs

Based on what you select to sync, the following information could update in ActiveCampaign in real time when it is changed in Cerbo:

  • Patient name and sex.
  • Patient's DOB (or, optionally, just the birth month).
  • Patient status (active, prospective, inactive, deceased). Note that inactive or deceased status patients do not sync to AC as part of the initial sync that Cerbo does. If desired, you can manually import them to AC from the Advanced Patient Search export.
  • Primary assigned provider.
  • Tags. These show in a specific format in ActiveCampaign - as Tagged: Tag Category - Tag Name. So if you have a tag category in Cerbo called Patient Type, and a tag within that category called Cash Pay, then for any patients tagged with that tag in Cerbo, it would sync to ActiveCampaign as Tagged: Patient Type - Cash Pay.
  • The name of the patient's current Bluefin subscription.
  • Next and last upcoming appt date (or date and time) and type
  • The date and time of the appointment that is scheduled furthest in the future

In addition to synching over appointment information when it is added or edited, the system checks hourly to update next and last appointment data.

You can customize which data syncs under Admin > Manage > Integrations. 

Using this Information in ActiveCampaign

You can use this information within ActiveCampaign to:

  1. Generate or maintain mailing lists and send mass messages, such as newsletters, education, or marketing blasts.
  2. Send automated messages for things like welcome emails, birthday emails, follow up appointment or lab reminders, as well as messages triggered by specific actions that your patients have taken (URLs visited, links clicked, etc.). Dynamic, flexible options for creating campaigns and automations within ActiveCampaign allow you to deliver personalized, relevant content to your patients on the schedules that you define. Automations can also be set to send a message to someone on the clinic side.

For an introduction to using ActiveCampaign that covers accessing your contacts, creating mailing lists, and creating an email campaign, please check out this short (10 min) video.

Subscription Options

If you would like to sign up for an account with ActiveCampaign, you can:

  1. Sign up for a HIPAA-compliant Enterprise plan through Cerbo: We are a reseller with ActiveCampaign at the Enterprise level. While there are various benefits offered at the Enterprise level, the reason that this is the level we offer through our reseller account is that this is the level that ActiveCampaign will sign a BAA, so it is the only level that is HIPAA-compliant. If you'd like to sign up at this level or get more information, let us know. We can set up your account, share info with you, and add the charge to your Cerbo subscription charges.
  2. Sign up for the account of your choice directly with ActiveCampaign: If you are not worried about HIPAA-compliance, you can sign up for an account directly with ActiveCampaign at whatever level you choose (view their pricing here) using our affiliate link.

If you want to try out ActiveCampaign before you commit, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial account. This can be done directly through ActiveCampaign, if you plan to go with option 2, above, or through us if you plan to go with option 1.