To link up an Active Campaign account that you have set up on your own (versus one that you have set up through our reseller account with them), you would need to get your API access information and share that with us. Note that API information should be kept secure. Please DO NOT send to us via email. Instead, please copy and paste it to a sticky note in John Doe's chart in your EMR, and let us  know by email to go retrieve it.

How to Find your API Access Information in Active Campaign

You can find your API access information by clicking on the down arrow beside your name in the upper right hand corner of your Active Campaign account, clicking on My Settings, and then on Developer on the left. Copy the URL and Key that appear under API Access at the top of the screen, and paste that information into a sticky note that you post in John Doe's chart in your EMR. Then let us know by email and we will log in to retrieve the information and set up your integration with Active Campaign.

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